I love soccer!

IMG_9499My soccer camp started last night.  I was so happy to be able to go.  Recently there have been some scheduling conflicts with my fiance’s work so I missed a bootcamp session and my first running clinic session last week.  So when he got home on time for me to go to soccer, I was ecstatic 😀

I love soccer!  My dad was a professional soccer player back in Europe and I grew up loving the sport, playing it, and watching it pretty much non-stop.  When I came to Canada 15 years ago, I discovered that women’s soccer was popular.  I am serious.  Up until that point I knew women’s soccer existed but it was never at a level worth even discussing.  And still in Europe it isn’t as huge of a deal as men’s soccer.  When I actually realized how big women’s soccer was in North America, I saw a chance for me to enjoy the game by also playing it.  And so I started looking for opportunities.  I was too old to join a college team andIMG_9504 I was too inexperienced to actually by considered “valuable” for a team of players who were my age.  They were way too advanced for my (lack of) skill level.

After I gave birth to my second son and having just watched team Canada lose to the US in an extremely unfair final game of the World Cup (even my dad agreed the referee favoured the US), I joined a couple of moms’ groups on Facebook and started asking about soccer groups.  A few people suggested I looked into the Metro Women’s Soccer League and see if any teams needed players.  I went into some of the discussion forums and I found people talking about the Women’s Only Soccer Camps as a great start into soccer.  I Googled them and wow!  I couldn’t believe my eyes.  They were offering exactly what I needed.  I signed up right away.  That was a year ago.  And I love it.  🙂  Last night was the first session of the spring season.  It poured all day and right before our session, the rain stopped and even the sun came out revealing stunning views.  What a great treat!

IMG_9500Here are a few of the many pros of the these soccer camps:

– a fantastic coach with a great sense of humour
– no pressure environment
– a take-it-easy go-at-your-own-pace approach
– respecting no judgment environment
– having fun comes first
– non-competitive team play
– a safe way to exercise outside
– a great opportunity to learn new skills and practice
– meeting amazing people
– you’ll never meet a member who doesn’t smile during the whole practice 🙂
I can go on and on…



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