Whole30: Day 22

I am posting this one day later 😀  But I have a very good excuse 😀  Last night I went to see Bon Jovi at Rogers Arena downtown Vancouver.  By the time I came home it was so late that I just showered and went to bed.  So I am posting late.

The concert was amazing!!  I think I love Bon Jovi even more now… as if it was possible 😀  Here’s what happened with that concert – it’s a long story.  About 6 months ago my friend called me and asked if I wanted a ticket if she managed to get online and buy some.  So I said yes, thinking that there is a long time until the concert and if for some reason I can’t go, I could sell the ticket.

Well a week ago we were making arrangements to meet up at Stanley Park (where the concert was planned to be) when we read in the news that the concert was postponed.  A few hours later they wrote that the concert was cancelled.  You can imagine the disappointment.  It turned out the production company and promoter in Vancouver didn’t pay for the necessary permits and the the vendors for lighting, sound, etc… So at first they were going to issue a refund to everyone who bought a ticket.  The whole thing was developing within a matter of hours.  We didn’t know what was going on until the last moment.  So on Thursday night it became clear that Bon Jovi worked super fast with the tourism board and Rogers Arena to arrange to still have the concert but at a different location.  So that’s what happened.  In an interview before the concert, Jon Bon Jovi said that they covered the extra cost to have the concert and he doesn’t care about the money but the most important thing is his integrity.  He said that when you give your word and you promise something, you have to deliver no matter what.

And that is why I love them.  It’s not just the music (which is fantastic) but it’s the whole experience.  The concert was amazing.  They didn’t sell more tickets to fill the Arena.  But instead it was an intimate show – most people were actually on the floor close to the band.  And boy, did they deliver!  It was the most low-tech concert I had ever been to – no fancy monitors, no special effects – just simple stage lights and music.  It was perfect! 🙂

Well… back to my menu for the day 😀


  • 1 Cup of Coffee with almond milk
  • Raw Vegan Cookies


  • A big salad with dried fruit and grilled chicken (we actually went out with the boys for lunch and that was the only thing on the menu I could eat 😀 )
  • Trail Mix for desert (After the lunch we went to a grocery store thinking I could get some sugar and dairy-free popsicles but they didn’t have any so I bought raw nuts and dried fruit and made an improvised trail mix for desert 😀 )


  • A bowl of salad with a boiled egg
  • Trail mix for desert

8 responses to “Whole30: Day 22

  1. I still love Bon Jovi, and listen whenever I can. They hardly make them like that anymore. 🙂 Good to see you enjoyed the show. I prefer these smaller shows, you get so much more out of it. Glad they could make alternative arrangements on such short notice. What a team he must have to pull that off. Wow!!

  2. I use my iPod for an alarm clock and I wake up every morning to Bob Jovi singing It’s My Life!!!!


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