Home-made canned apple sauce

This is a long overdue project of mine.  I’ve always wanted to can my own food and I’ve been collecting all kinds of recipes for canning but I never got to do it.  So yesterday I decided that I wouldn’t let the pile of apples in my pantry go bad so I found a simple recipe for apple sauce and got to work.  I had to change the recipe a little because I wanted a simple unsweetened apple sauce and the recipe called for cinnamon, honey, and vanilla (?).  So here’s what I did:

I washed my apples – I’m not sure how many apples I had, I just grabbed whatever was in the pantry – cut them and peeled them.  I placed them in my slow cooker and added 1/2 cup of water.  I also added the juice of 1/2 lemon.  I added the lemon because I wanted the sauce to be lighter in colour.  Otherwise the apples change colour as they cook and become darker.  I turned the slow cooker on High and cooked the apples for about 4 hours.  When they were done, I turned off the slow cooker and stirred the apples.  There was quite a bit of juice from them which is great.  I used my immersion blender to puree everything.  The juice actually helps make the sauce smooth and flavourful.  So leave it in while blending.  I like the apple sauce to be smooth and not chunky.  It’s also easier when I bake with it or give it to the kids.

I had washed my Mason jars so I just filled them up with sauce leaving about 1/2 an inch to the top.  I placed the lids on and screwed them on without tightening them too much.

In a big pot I poured water and set to boil.  When you boil the jars it’s recommended that you put some sort of a mesh on the bottom of the pot so they don’t touch the bottom or each other.  Otherwise they may break.  I didn’t have a mesh or a canning rack so I used graters that I had bought from IKEA.  You know the ones that you put on a container and when you grate the cheese falls directly in the container? 😀  Placing them at the bottom of my big boiling pot helped a lot because once the water was close to boiling I placed the jars on them.  That way there was free flowing water under the jars and around them.  Make sure the water covers the jars.  Add boiling water if necessary to cover them.

I boiled them for 7 minutes.  I turned off the heat and took the jars out.  I didn’t have a special tool to take them out so I used a thong and a potato masher haha 😀  Just be very careful because the water may still be boiling and super hot.

I placed them on a towel upside down and let them cool completely.  Done! 😀  I licked the spoon and oh wow!!!! super delicious. 😀



27 responses to “Home-made canned apple sauce

    • Yes they are perfect. Thank you. My mom and grandma used to turn the jars upside down. I think it had something to do with the pressure on the lid. I’m not sure haha

      • I just spoke to my mom and asked her. She said that the lids seal better when they cool down with moisture on them. So it lasts longer.
        I grew up with my parents and grandparents canning A LOT every year 😀 And I’ve seen them do that every time and with every jar. Hmmm interesting. Now I want to do some research too 😀 LOL

      • You know I think you are right. I read that if you boil your jars, you don’t have to turn them upside down because they are already sealed. I guess my family used to do it because the jars and kids were old school and not as good quality as they are nowadays. So I guess they wanted to make sure they are sealed properly. But the mason jars nowadays are way better. So no need for that extra step. Thanks for bringing this up. I learn something every day lol 😀

    • Freezing is a great option. And just like you, I can’t fit anything in my freezer any more haha 😀 You’re right that apple sauce is so simple and delicious. This is my first attempt at canning it and I think I’ll do it that way from now on. It’s so quick and it is preserved for a long time. 🙂

  1. I’ll have to try this. Sounds much more simple than I thought canning would be (haven’t done any canning myself yet). I’m another one with a full freezer too 😉

    • You are going to love it. It rally is easy. Nothing too complex. My next project is tomato sauce. We like pasta and using store bought canned tomatoes is something I want to stop using.

  2. I’ve spent the last 7 weeks or so canning. I think I have one evening left and then I am done until around Christmas when the apple cases are sold off cheap.

      • So far I have made enough jam and jelly for a family if seven to last half a year (a lot of jam!). Crab apple and crab apple mixed with various berries. Spiced crabapples. Pickled watermelon rind. Hot pepper jelly. Canned pears and pear chutney. I have to decide what to do with the last of the pears. If you are into canning and are traveling through Salmon Arm, from about December to February Demilles sells off 40 pounds of apples for about $10. Last year we went through two cases and brought them back to Alberta. We didn’t can those though, we made dehydrated apple chips (yum!).

      • Oh wow! That’s amazing. You’ve done a great job. I’m putting all of your ideas on my list. And thank you for the great idea about the apple sales. I’ll keep an eye out for good deals at the apple orchards. I’ve always wanted to go to Salmon Arm and I think I’ve driven through it a couple of times but I’ve never stopped to look around. We might be going to Sun Peaks this Christmas and we might go to Salmon Arm for a day trip. Thanks for the suggestion.

      • If you go to Salmon Arm , Demilles has a FREE little animal farm that your children would love . It is definitely open spring, summer and fall. Our kids love it and the price is right! 🙂

  3. Absolutely brilliant! I’ve gotta try this next time i have some left over apples – any tips for someone without a slow cooker?


    • Absolutely. Just do it in a regular pot but check the temperature oven and stir the apples often. Otherwise they may burn. You may also have to add more water as it evaporates faster in a regular pot than the slow cooker. But it’s the same principle. You want to get the apples soft and keep their natural sauce so you can blend them when they are done. 🙂 Let me know how it turns out. 🙂

  4. This is so funny that I would see your post this morning as I planned to shop for apples today and try making crock pot apple butter! Have a great day! Susie


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