Wool Tweed

YARN: Wool Tweed Grey/Dark Grey
HOOK: 6mm (US10)

This yarn is fantastic!  I wanted to make something easy which can show the real beauty of this tweed.   It’s super soft and warm.  It’s a pleasure to wear it.  The pattern is an easy shrug I found on Pinterest.  You can actually find quite a few of them on Ravelry and they are gorgeous.  Another proof that the most simple idea can produce a beautiful piece.  I love this shrug!

Some notes on the pattern – I didn’t add the collar and I folded it so the stripes go across.  This is just a personal preference as I don’t like sweaters or cardigans to be too long in the back.  It always makes me lift them when I am sitting down.  Also I thought the collar would add some bulk and extra heaviness to the shrug, so I left it out.  Again… personal preference.

Some notes on the yarn – I used a 6mm (US10) hook to crochet the shrug.  I found that a bigger size hook added more fluffiness to the yarn.  It is such a pleasure working with this yarn – it just goes fast and it’s effortless.  The yarn is 50% Wool, 50% Acrylic.


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